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Apathy and Religion

Monday, September 19th, 2016

On the subject of religion, it seems that these days there are many who are just plain apathetic. Maybe some of us have lost the desire or the courage or the ability to ask the bigger questions about spirituality. Maybe the controversy surrounding various religions upsets some or perhaps the subject is too confusing, as the beliefs vary so greatly. It’s quite possible that it’s simply easier to take in ‘mind candy’ from Reality TV or Desperate Housewives. There are no risks involved, it takes no effort and we’ll never be challenged.

But shouldn’t we ask the bigger questions, like “Does God exist” and “What is truth”, etcetera? Most religions on earth teach that after we die here on earth, we experience an afterlife which is almost always spoken of as an eternity – or that our existence never really ends in death. Or in the case of Buddhism, we continue to live life in another form here on earth.

In any case, if this life is, in fact, temporary; ending in a death which leads to another existence, wouldn’t we do well to discover who God is, or even if he or she exists at all? Wouldn’t we be wise to at least make a serious attempt to do so? If we are eternal beings, isn’t this the most important subject we can study?

Many years ago, an acquaintance was explaining a situation wherein he almost died in an accident. He said, “My life flashed before my eyes”. I told him I’d heard such a phrase used before when people were speaking of similar experiences and asked him to explain that phrase further. He said that it was as though he suddenly recalled his entire life from childhood to present in the mere seconds before the accident.

I wonder if he had been privileged with some sort of perspective that most of us never realize or think about. I wonder if, since upon death, we are embarking upon eternity, this flash of our life is a sort of perspective – a proper perspective. If we really are heading into a never-ending eternity, the perspective of our past 30 or 40 years, is rightfully viewed as a mere flash, when compared to the journey into eternity, for which we are about to embark.

Many who never attempt to wonder about such things as God and eternity decide upon their deathbeds to ponder the questions. Faced with a certain death, they are at this point desperate to learn what they can.

About 10 years ago, my best friend experienced what he feels was a near plane crash. On a flight from Las Vegas to Toronto, he awoke to the sounds of pure panic – crying and screaming and he realized the plane was nose-diving. While my friend was a Christian and surprisingly remained very calm, he surveyed the fear and terror in the other passengers. He had never witnessed fear like this. Passengers were screaming in terror, crying and praying. The flight attendants were no help to the passengers. One had hit her head on the ceiling of the plane at a sudden drop and the other was against the wall of the plane in a fetal position freaking out. These people who flew on airplanes almost daily were also clearly panicked at the situation. I’m sure to many, it seemed like sudden death was a real possibility.

However, once the plane reached a lower altitude it levelled out. My friend later was told that the plane dropped so severely for so long due to a loss in cabin pressure from a leak in the door. The plane safely made an emergency landing in Colorado.

I found the story very interesting and interesting to note that while we know we will all face death, many of us just don’t give it much thought during our life. The fact that we will die is a certainty that no one will argue, but those on the plane who had never bother to ask religious or afterlife-related questions were suddenly ‘forced’ to put a lot of thought into the concept. I would be willing to bet that there were many people on the plane who had not prayed in years, were suddenly praying fervently.

So do we ask the questions now? Do we want to know the truth now, or at least give ourselves our most honest and open-minded attempt to know the truth now? Whether you are 15 years old or 75 years old, death is certain. I don’t mean to scare you into some kind of belief, nor would I ever want to do so. Rather, I would like to help you realize that an examination into the truth of spiritual matters will give you a confidence and a knowing, no matter what you decide in the end to be the truth. It should be a journey that is enjoyable and fascinating, no matter what conclusions you will eventually come to.

Spirituality and Symbols

Monday, September 19th, 2016

It appears that every belief has symbols attached to it and it seems the human mind likes to use symbols, almost as Nations like to use Flags, animals and symbols to describe their domain; for instance a National Bird or a National Flag is very common. In religion and spirituality symbols are also used quite a bit.

In considering this lets think on a few symbols used in religion such as the Star of David or the Christian Cross. Now then the cross used in Christianity is an interesting symbol to want to use, because, well what if Jesus was executed by hanging, would we have the noose as our religious symbol today? That is a scary thought and it brings up an interesting point.

If the Romans used the cross to kill Jesus with, why would that be a religious symbol for Christians? If Christ lived in the day of the Guillotine and was executed that way, would Christians use that as the symbol of their faith?

It seems someone has played a very bad trick on the Christians in that they are now celebrating the cross, which was used to kill Jesus and celebrating his death as “Good Friday” and I have to ask since when is it good that the man you worship was killed?

Now then, I know the answer in that Jesus died on the cross for our sins? But I was not even alive back then, so why did he do it? Or is that explanation just a trick to get everyone to celebrate his death and use the symbol of the execution apparatus as their sign of faith? If Jesus ever came back he might be a little upset at all this stuff.

Anyway, I am sure all the biblical scholars will jump all over me for this, but none of them has ever come up with a logical answer that makes sense as to why Christians celebrate an execution apparatus of the death of their religious leader. Nevertheless, for those who are without such religions and more spiritual it is an interesting conversation, even if such discussion could be considered taboo. Consider this in 2006.

Egyptian Art and Its Spiritual and Religious Influences

Monday, September 19th, 2016

The art of Egypt is heavily influenced by spiritual and religious ideas and culture that extends back thousands of years. Dynastic Egypt was one of the first civilizations in the world as defined by the modern concept of civilization. Ancient Egypt was a land of intense and all-pervasive magic.

Egyptians were obsessed with the Afterlife more than they were with this life, even though this obsession belied a deep sensuality. The spiritual and religious ideas of the Egyptians all center around the idea that this life is to be lived in such a way that one makes oneself worthy to be taken by the gods into the next world, the world or land of “millions of years” where there is no aging and people live with the gods for such a long, long time that for all intents and purposes they become immortal.

Many researchers into the spiritual and religious ideas that influence Egyptian art have thus pointed out that ancient Egyptian religion bore a strong similarity to Christianity at least in this way. Of course, the Christian Gospels relate that Jesus and his family somehow had some ties to Egypt, although by that point in history Egypt had long since become an enemy land considered hostile, dangerous, and anti-Jewish. And one of the most important pioneers of the Jewish nations, Moses, came out of Egypt as well. Some researchers believe that Moses was historically the Egyptian pharaoh Akhenaten.

Even in that renegade Pharaohs name is the world “akh”, which to Egyptian spiritual and religious thinking is one of the five constituent parts of the personality that make up the totality of a being. The Akh in Egyptian religious thinking is the re-united Ba and Ka (two other constituents of a person’s being) that have been brought back together again in the afterlife in the new land of “millions of years”. The five constituent parts of the personality had a strong influence on Egyptian art.

The Akh has been depicted as a hand with the thumb and the forefinger brought close to each other or brought together to depict the complete circle of earthly birth, earthly death, and rebirth in the new land of the Afterlife. Hieroglyphically, the Akh was depicted as an Ibis bird looking to the right, the East, the direction of rebirth, where the Sun arose anew each day. Indeed, the ibis in ancient Egypt was called “the crested akh-bird”.

Originally, Egyptian spiritual and religious ideas held that only the royalty (including the priesthood) could get to the Afterlife; everyone else on earth was just here to serve them and then would perish into blackness when their lifetime was through.

Thus the Pharaohs and other priestly and royal personages would have tomb painters create magnificent murals depicting their life accomplishments and their devotion to the gods (who in ancient Egypt were not truly “gods” as we think of such beings today, but were rather superior beings called NTR, or “neter”, which translates into “guardians” but who also created mankind; “neter” is probably the root of our modern English word “nature”).

Royal tomb painters were thus extremely important people, although they were not always taken into the Afterlife and were sometimes killed to prevent them from working for another. Later on, however, Egypt grew a middle class which also sought the Afterlife, and religious beliefs were modified to accommodate them.

Animals are extremely important to Egyptian art. The well-known scarab beetle, which rolls up balls of its own dung and lays eggs within them, is the symbol of rebirth and the sixth sense.

And a divine creature that is half crocodile and half hippopotamus is depicted as waiting to devour a soul whose heart, when weighed by the goddess Ma’at, is heavier than a feather; these people do not pass over into the Afterlife. Artistically rendered feathers and symbols of flight such as birds like the ibis are also extremely important to Egyptian spiritual and religious ideas.

Must Science and Religion Always be at Odds?

Monday, September 19th, 2016

The religious spirit needs material science, to become mature and useful. The scientific endeavor needs religion, to become decent and intelligent. But all too often, like the endless contemporary squabbling between atheists and believers, we seem to believe that we have to make a choice between one or the other.

Actually, history has shown that we cannot live a decent, fulfilling, and purposeful life, unless we learn to balance and include both sides of this rift. History shows us clearly what can happen when the two paths diverge too far and go to their extremes: all the wars between the Popes and the Kings, the depraved emotionalism of the Nazis, the sterile rationality of communism. But how can we successfully reconcile them together, and re-unite our contemporary scientific lives with a meaningful spiritual life?

In reaction to the emptiness that seems to pervade our modern lives, there have been several unsuccessful attempts to reconnect us with the spiritual tradition. Let’s look at three of these first, and see why they do not work.

(1) First, there is the kind of blind belief that leads to fundamentalism, the insistence that all the profound teachings of one’s religion must be believed literally and absolutely, that no other knowledge is valid, and everything and everyone must be brought into total compliance. This irrational reversion to the pre-scientific age is not only unwise in terms of what we clearly know from history, it is also contrary to the deepest teachings of such inspired figures as Moses, Socrates, Christ, and Muhammad, who all taught their followers to open their hearts and minds, to be responsible, and to think for themselves. Yet the phenomenon of fundamentalism is becoming more and more widespread in today’s world, from Islamic fundamentalists in the Middle East to Born-Again Christians in America. This spread of fundamentalism, as noted by Douglas Sloan, this “turning of past teachings of great complexity and delicate nuance concerning the spirit, into literal statements about the world”, is, ironically enough, dependent upon the acceptance of a major principle of science. That is, fundamentalists have to agree with these scientists that the only true knowledge that is possible or worthwhile consists of literal statements-of-fact about the empirical world! As Sloan concludes: “Thus does literalism kill the spirit. In a misconstrued effort to maintain a connection with that mysterious source of meaning and significance, Mystery is destroyed and made banal and pedestrian.” Instead of deep theological contemplation and serious spiritual practice, religion becomes the blind child-like worship of an ‘invisible friend in the sky’.

Even worse, when fear of a threat to religious belief fuses with anger at those deemed responsible, fundamentalism justifies all manner of ugliness and oppression. Here is born so much of the violence in today’s world, all in the name of religious teachings that have been “hardened and drained of their wisdom.”

(2) In a more moderate attempt at reconciliation, employed by many sophisticated modern people, empirical scientific knowledge is deemed acceptable and so is a concern with the realm of meaning and values. But they are kept in two distinct and unrelated compartments, with spirituality regarded benignly as a collection of irrational feelings and wistful aspirations. This approach allows the two realms to coexist, but it does not provide real harmony or wholeness, since it gives no real weight to the life of the spirit – it simply “appreciates” things like art and poetry and religion, in a pleasant self-satisfying sort of way, usually during a Sunday afternoon visit to the museum. It encourages respect for human values, but because it refuses to accord them equal status with so-called ‘real scientific knowledge’, the whole project is difficult, if not pointless, to sustain.

(3) All the way at the other end of the spectrum, there is the attempt to reconnect with spirituality that is known as the New Age movement. In this case, rather than limiting all possible knowledge to one teaching, the movement typically insists on including every tradition possible! But in doing so, it ends up exploiting them. It conveniently takes from other cultures whatever ideas and practices seem interesting, with no regard for the complete, integrated, framework of these traditions. This borrowing of attractive bits and pieces from other cultures, torn from their context of history and meaning, is degrading to the traditions themselves, and merely confusing or even harmful to the borrowers. The Buddhist scholar Lama Govinda, for instance, describes how Zen then tends to become nothing but “an excuse to live as one always did, only giving different labels to the same actions: waywardness will be made into spontaneity, weakness into the principle of non-violence, laziness into the ideal of non-action, lack of logic into spiritual profundity.” Here, then, we still find no useful solution to the dilemma of science and religion, for this is an approach which ultimately misconceives and disrespects them both.

Obviously, none of these methods can or should succeed. So if we wish to reconcile science with religion, if we wish to give them both equal ‘weight’ and equal respect, if we wish to heal this ancient rift, how are we to do it?

Factors Leading to the Distinction of Spirituality Vs Religion

Monday, September 19th, 2016

Spirituality and religion were once synonymous. In fact in the dictionary they still are. But recently they have parted their ways farther and farther away from each other. Instead of helping each other they are now in the position of fighting each other. Thus we have the phrase religion vs spirituality. They are now treated by more and more writers as antagonistic to each other. What factors have led to the growth of the distinction between spirituality and religion?

The Growth of the Empirical Sciences

One factor which is not only coincidental but causal is the growth of the empirical sciences like medicine, biology, chemistry, physics, psychology, astronomy and their branches. These sciences have cultivated in people the attitude of the priority of experience. Everything has to be measured by human experience through the instruments that are constantly being refined, whether it is the microscope or telescope or other instruments.

In an age when these sciences were, as it were, in their infancy and adolescence, there was no clear distinction between religion and spirituality. But now people want to experience something even in religion. Failing to find the spiritual realities they want to discover in religion they turn to spirituality to satisfy their hunger for the things of the spirit.

More and more can no longer profess belief in a statement that has no meaning to their experiential life. They can no longer go through rituals which seem to them meaningless. And they rebel against a moral code which seems to them to stifle their personal growth. So they turn to spirituality that to them has no religion.

Increase in the Knowledge of the Scriptures

It is strange but true that the growth in the knowledge of the Scriptures, particularly Christian Scriptures, has also contributed to the parting away of religion and spirituality from each other. Beginning with literary criticism of the Biblical texts going to higher criticism new interpretations of the passages in Scriptures have been offered to the public. Entire passages have been construed to be Biblical myths. Creation did not really happen in six days but in six periods of time which may be millions of years each. The flood of Noah’s time did not happen all over the earth but only in a particular place of the earth. These interpretations have eroded the belief of people in the Bible and religion. But they still long for something meaningful in their spiritual life. Thus they turn to spirituality as offered by the Eastern religions or by the New Age teachers.

The Relativity of All Things, Especially Cultures

The theory of relativity has not been confined to physics, as propounded by Albert Einstein. It has been adopted by ordinary people as they viewed the cultures of other people. Where before some churches have adamantly believed and taught that they were the only way to salvation, now they have acknowledged that other religions can also be used by God to draw men to himself. For many of the preachers of these churches salvation depends upon one’s response to God’s revelation, not upon membership in their churches.

Thus the appeal of religion as the safe way to gain eternal happiness has waned. Instead people now are experimenting with various techniques to gain this happiness here and now, not in the hereafter.

These three developments in our time, the growth of the natural sciences, the increase in the knowledge of the Bible, and the relativism present in our churches and cultures have helped to the parting of ways between religion and spirituality. While there are heroic attempts to integrate them again, the split seems to be final and irrevocable. It will be for a long time religion vs spirituality.

Can a Person Have a Spirituality Without Religion?

Friday, July 22nd, 2016

Since the time if adherence has been assorted with adoration added and added bodies accept autonomous to be airy after religion. They wish a adherence after religion. In a contempo analysis in the United States 33 percent said that they were airy but not religious. So the catechism abounding humans ask now is: Can a being accept a adherence after religion?

Before I accord my acknowledgment to that catechism there is a charge for me to analyze these two terms, adherence and religion.

Spirituality is a superior of activity wherein the airy realities yield the priority. These airy realities cover the antecedent of aggregate there is, the alive out of this antecedent in our activity and in the apple about us, the battle amid the acceptable and angry about us, the desires of all created and uncreated realities.

Religion is a arrangement of doctrine, chastity and rituals by which animal beings try to accomplish acceptation out of life.

The arrangement of article is bidding in a canon or in a arbitrary of basal teachings, such as the Apostles’ Canon for Christians or the Four Basal Truths for Buddhists. Its arrangement of chastity is in a account of laws to administer one’s conduct, accounting or unwritten, such as the Ten Commandments for the Jews and Christians, or the Eightfold Path for Buddhists. Its rituals are assigned accomplishments by which humans may accept acquaintance with God like sacrifices and prayers, such as the sacraments for Christians or meditations for Buddhists.

When we ask accordingly whether a being can accept adherence after adoration we wish to apperceive whether a being can accord antecedence to the airy realities of activity after accepting a arrangement of doctrine, chastity and rituals.

The acknowledgment is a big “Yes”. A being can reside on a airy akin after the crutches of religion.

An Example

According to Robert Putnam and David Campbell in their book AMERICAN GRACE, HOW RELIGION DIVIDES AND UNITES US, the abrupt acceleration of bodies who are airy after adoration is the a lot of cogent trend in the US religious mural in the endure 50 years. These bodies are labeled Nones (for bodies who wish to accept “none” of the religious trappings). A a lot of archetypal archetype of a None is the accompanist Sahffi Lynne. She never affiliated with a church, in actuality never went to a abbey on her own. She never abstruse a cipher of conduct. She never went through a alternation of accomplishments to ability God. And yet she is spiritual. Her music is a affidavit to her spirituality.

The actuality that added and added humans are acceptable beneath religious and added spiritual, that is, that we accept added and added Nones in our society, is affidavit abundant that a being can accept a adherence after religion.

Many books accept already been accounting about this phenomenon, such as SPIRITUAL BUT NOT RELIGIOUS: UNDERSTANDING UNCHURCHED AMERICA by Robert C. Fuller, and SPIRITUAL BUT NOT RELIGIOUS: A CALL TO RELIGIOUS REVOLUTION IN AMERICA by Sven E. Erlandson.

A Clarification

There accept been studies purporting to prove that to be airy after adoration leads to brainy imbalance. An instance of these studies is the one appear in the British Journal of Psychiatry by Michael King of the University College London and his colleagues.

These studies abash adherence with spiritualism, a arrangement of airy behavior and practices aggravating to acquaintance and dispense spirits, such as in seances.

Genuine adherence has annihilation to do with spiritualism. Spiritualism can absolutely advance to brainy imbalance, seeing things that are not there, arty one’s angle on others. True adherence leads to an basic life, one that balances the activities of the body, apperception and spirit. Those studies by Michael King are on spiritualism, not spirituality. A being can absolutely accept adherence after religion.

Spirituality And Spiritualism

Monday, June 6th, 2016

Before I say annihilation about Adherence and spiritualism one accept to aboriginal apprehend that there is a apparent aberration amid adoration and spirituality. The actual aberration amid adoration and adherence is that while adoration is exclusive- in that one has to subscribe to that one adoration at the exclusion of all added religions, faiths, and beliefs, adherence is across-the-board in that any one adherent of any adoration can embrace adherence and absorb his or her religious cachet or abode in that religion. Adherence cuts above religious, cultural, traditional, social-political and bookish barriers. In added words, one does not charge to carelessness one’s adoration in adjustment to be a devotee, apprentice or practitioner of spirituality. In this way, religions are attached but adherence is not. For this acumen one can accurately say that compared to religion, adherence can be said to be the college accompaniment or alertness of religion. If it were a coin, the religious ancillary bears limitations of beliefs, acceptance and article and the adherence ancillary is the mark of absolute alertness and freedom.

“Religion is the appearance of the divinity which is already present in the animal being” said ascendancy Vivekananda. Anniversary physique is potentially divine. To apparent that actual divinity within, Man should ascendancy his attributes evidently and internally. Do this either by work, or worship, or analytic control, or aesthetics by one or added or all of these and be free. This is the accomplished of religion. Doctrines or Dogmas or rituals or books, or temples, or forms, all are but accessory details. The added our beatitude is within, the added airy we are and let us not depend aloft the apple of today for pleasure. This is spirituality. Adherence is one’s appearance or superior that makes one transcend the barriers of worldliness, caste, canon and sensuality; and apprehend one’s affiliation with the Truth. Spiritualism agency to absorb with consciousness. Altered religions are like altered avenue or agency to ability there. It is like you wish to go to Delhi you can go by train, flight, or by bus afresh you can to Delhi via Ahmedabad, or Via Kolkata, or via Nagpur. You will ultimately ability Delhi. Adherence is a abstraction and a lot of of the times it is abominably accustomed by us mortals. Some anticipate that adherence is something to be achieved, which agency it is alien and is not within. Some anticipate that it is to with prayers and offerings to god.

Spiritual alertness is a “depth experience, “which makes us acquainted of the added ambit of life. It is an constant close acquaintance of the inter connectedness of one’s own spirit with the absolute spirit. It is aswell a catholic acquaintance of “one in all and all in one”. Through airy alertness we apprentice to attending above and abaft the apparent reality. The way to attain this actual airy alertness is the way to the liberation of the physique through Self-Knowledge is alleged yoga. Vedanta speaks of four yogas, or paths to the goal: (i) Jnana-Yoga, or the absolute way of Knowledge; (ii) Bhakti-Yoga, or the accustomed way of all-powerful love; (iii) Karma-Yoga, or the applied way of altruistic work; and (iv) Raja-Yoga, or the accurate way of absorption and meditation. The primary alley block to Self-Knowledge is the active mind. The four Yogas are four means to affected the restlessness. Adulation is the basis and the affectionate account is the bake-apple of this actual airy alertness or the liberation of the soul.

The aspect of every religion, fundamentally, is aimed for the accomplishment of airy enlightenment, airy alertness adjacency to God, love, compassion, and abiding accord in the activity actuality after. Under such a accustomed analogue and understanding, it becomes accessible that adoration is apprenticed to be acutely a claimed amount in every faculty of the word. On the contrary, if adoration assumes the characteristics of a article that is primarily anxious with arising laws on how to action prayers and how abounding times, people’s abundance and its distribution, dress code, sex life, abuse for crimes etc, again the accomplished abstraction of adherence loses its Godly element. A adoration of such nature, again artlessly becomes allotment of animal civilization, a political credo for a accumulation of bodies who accept to chase a assertive amusing orders and customs. Again we as bodies go far abroad from adherence and spiritualism. Adherence is one’s appearance or superior that makes one transcend the barriers of worldliness, caste, canon and sensuality; and apprehend one’s affiliation with the Truth. At this point I would like to say a few words about Islam which is the additional better adoration in the world. Does Islam acquiesce an individual’s adventure for the ability of the actuality of God on a claimed level, application his own intellect, senses, and wisdom? The acknowledgment is a big NO! A Muslim is apprenticed to bind his abandon of censor aural the anatomy of Quranic prescriptions.

The moment he has questions on abstract issues, he is advised an outcast or an apostate. Bodies of added religions, including Christianity and Hinduism has already started address their inhibitions or political definiteness and are not afraid to casting their doubts about the origins and abreast appliance of religious scriptures and acceptance systems. No ascendancy is absorbed in arising “fatwas” adjoin them. But Islam is different. As time passes, Imams and Islamic clergies are acceptable added and added able abundant to bind their asphyxiate about the abandon of thought. In my accommodation as a aggregation aerial for an all-embracing airline I accept been to Jeddah and medina to bear cartage for anniversary hajj crusade endless amount of times. The one affair that I accept noticed is that, Medina is a actual angelic abode and the attendance of the ability that be can be acquainted and it absolutely makes one cocky airy because there is a breeze of positivity of the abode to oneself. This breeze creates admiration if assimilated. It makes one cocky humble, It calms the close assailment of one self, It helps to be in a attentive accompaniment area one’s apperception becomes antisocial and one attains adherence momentarily. Such is the power, or one may say, the superior of that place. The pilgrims abiding from this abode afterwards the end of the backbreaking 40days hajj starts argument as anon as they lath the aircraft over trivialities. I admiration why they cannot accompany with them the absolute activity and all that they accept learnt and accomplished for the 40 continued days. Somehow and about the abstraction of airy and adherence is lost.

In absolute Western religions the All-powerful is admired as Father but not as Mother. This adorable Father is generally portrayed as a stern, affronted or anxious God, a austere adjudicator and giver of abuse to those of his accouchement who breach his acutely approximate laws. Protestant Christianity and Islam accept abandoned the All-powerful Mother from their religions. Catholic and Greek Orthodox Christianity accept accustomed the feminine as the mother of Jesus, not as God in her own right, admitting it appears that adherence to the Madonna has been the arch active mystical force aural Christianity. Sanatana Dharma as a accepted attitude recognizes the accent of the All-powerful Mother. According to Hinduism the centermost accord that we can accept with God is that of the Mother. No animal accord is afterpiece than that of the mother and child. It best mirrors our accord with God. India itself is looked aloft as the Mother. The Hindu adoration itself is admired as a mother and its article are her milk.

Sanatan dharma, The courage of Hinduism is basically a way of activity based on attributes and cosmos area every atom that aggregate the cosmos and attributes has a physique and is affiliated to the all-powerful and appropriately aggregate has to be admired and revered. Sanatan dharma developed over time and there is no one being or a startup date for this religion. It is based on observations of adorable bodies and their characters and the aftereffect that it has on the population, environment, and behavioral patterns of anniversary and every atom that constitutes attributes and universe. This Sanatan Dharma is what the western advisers alarm as paganism.

The abstraction of Adherence and spiritualism should accordingly be that every being is a wondrous, sacred, creation. Every plant, rock, tree, aggregate apparent and unseen, is altered and beautiful. The purpose of activity as apparent should accordingly be to reside in accord with nature, to advance our claimed and airy potential, and to be acquainted of and to apparent the inherent divinity aural us all. This holds accurate for every one and for every religion. Sikhism, Buddhism, Jainism, Bahai, Christianity, every added adoration the abstraction of adherence is no different.

Spirituality is a amount of attentive brainwork advised to accompany the practitioner to the point of abandonment his concrete physique at will, absorb his apperception into Accepted Apperception branch and abide in his or her authentic airy anatomy as a Spirit (of God) in its aboriginal attributes and again bisect college airy planes until one re-merges into all-powerful abutment with the Absolute Being and become one with that Being even as one still dwells in this apple accomplishing his plan and demography affliction of ancestors and amusing responsibilities.

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